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– Hello and welcome. I am Dr. Perry. Do you need to lose 20 kg or more? Well, you came to the right place. I have been helping people lose weight for a long time. And I'm about to tell you what to do, And the things that you shouldn't do And the things that you need to ask your doctor To do it or not, to make sure you lose 20 kg or more From your body and be healthy. This is the primary goal of good health. Now, if that sounds like something Want to know more about it? Stay tuned. Please, within one second, press the subscribe button I even share this message with a lot of people Because you know you have friends and relatives Those who need to lose 20 kg or more. At least one or two people, right? So, let's get started straight into this. How will you lose 20 kg or more? So, the first thing you have to do Is that you need to have a lab test, and here's why. If you have a thyroid or adrenal problem, Or other hormonal problems, You will never lose weight To address these problems. So, if you have hypothyroidism or adrenal fatigue, Whatever it may or may not mean, We'll talk about that in a future video. If male or female hormones are not completed, And really no matter what you do, You will not lose weight Because obesity is caused by the activity of abnormal hormones In your body’s balance and levels. We have removed the myth of calorie deficit. The more calories, This is not the reason why you gain more weight 20 kg. You are more than 20 kg Because of wrong dietary choices, this causes hormonal imbalance You need to improve your body. So, go to your doctor and check your hormones, Not just thyroid hormones, But also adrenal hormones. Also if you are a man, your testosterone. And if you are a woman, your own testosterone, And levels of estrogen and progesterone. This is the first step to know your situation. The second step is to review your medication list If you are taking any medications because there are medications Can increase your weight, Or prevent you from losing weight. Thus, if you get a less than ideal diet, While you are taking this or another medicine, You will be doomed to obesity. Even if you fix your diet, Weight will drop very slowly So much so that you cannot even say that you are losing weight. So, go to your doctor and ask him, "Do any of the medications that I take, "Do you make me gain weight or prevent me from losing weight?" I already have another video on this YouTube channel About overweight drugs, Or prevent you from losing weight. You may want to watch this. So, the first step, go to the doctor and do your exams. The second step, if you are taking any medications, Ensure that they are not medication type That increases your weight or prevents you from losing weight. Now, the next big step is to fix your diet. You have filmed many videos on this channel About the ketogenic diet. And there is a reason after all the years That I was in training, And all the different diets that I tried with patients, And various drugs for weight loss I have tried with patients, And why do I focus on the ketogenic diet? I will tell you why now. Because it works better than any other diet For ever or any other diet And I've seen this all my career. Without much effort. Paleo diet works very well, Which is great for preservation What you want to reach. But if you want to lose weight quickly As healthy as possible, a ketogenic diet is ideal. I didn't see any better diet, okay? So if you have questions about the ketogenic diet, How it works, what you should do and what you should not do, I have many videos on this channel That will explain to you in detail. He is an important mother. If you lose more than 20 kg. You will not need another diet Except for the ketogenic diet. The next big step is knowing what intermittent fasting is. Now, fasting does not mean that you will starve. Not just skipping meals. It is not just starving yourself. This is not intermittent fasting. I do not recommend starving. Or starve yourself. This is not recommended medically at all. What I highly recommend is intermittent fasting. I have a series of videos on this channel About intermittent fasting that goes into all the details That you might need about wanting to do that, And how do you want to do that. Therefore, both of them, What they do is switch you From burning carbohydrates, starches, and sugars To be fat burner. If you are over 20 kg or more in weight, You will not see this video At this point unless you are interested in it, This video is for you. This will solve your weight problem. And saves your life, It is a ketogenic diet in addition to intermittent fasting. When you combine these two, They are the two most powerful ways to lose weight And I've seen this all my career as a doctor. I am accredited by the Ministry in Family Medicine. It helped thousands of people lose weight. This is a large part of my practice. And so if you are tired, If you are sick and tired of trying this diet this and that, And count these and these cards This and that, stop it all. Get rid of all this nonsense because it makes no sense. Focus on becoming an expert in a ketogenic diet, And an expert on intermittent fasting, okay? I have many videos on both systems You can watch this channel to become that expert. We are trying to get you to stop About constantly starving for carbohydrates. Because when you eat a diet low in fat and carbohydrates, And a lot of whole grains as some doctors ask you, You are hungry all the time. This is due to the burning of carbohydrates in your body, And then you must have More carbohydrates every hour, two, or three. This is first and foremost, There is no way to live because you are constantly hungry And constantly eat. This is costly and reduces your productivity. And you will never lose weight. Because if you have fat on your bottom, Worse is liver and pancreas fat, And you want to get rid of those fats, You have to burn it, right? You should use it as fuel. You will never burn it If you consistently eat carbohydrates. If you eat three meals a day, three snacks, As all experts ask you to do, You will never lose 20 kg or more I came here to learn how to lose weight. You should learn. You have to remember your body, first and foremost, You can burn fat. Yes, you don’t have to burn carbs, You will do so with the ketogenic diet. Then you have to remind your body, You can burn more fat, And you will do it with intermittent fasting. When you combine a ketogenic diet Intermittent fasting, You create a cooperative atmosphere To lose weight in your body. I promise, you'll see more results, It will be easier and less hungry More than any other diet you've tried. So, do your tests, check your hormones, And make sure that you do not take any medications That hinder your weight loss, Then be an expert on a ketogenic diet, And expert in intermittent fasting. When you do these things, You will lose 20 kg or more, Now, if you enjoyed this, Share this on your social media. I am trying to help as many people as possible, And I give these things for free. Help me do that by sharing this On your Facebook, on your Twitter. Any account on social media, share this. If you are in McDonald's or in a café, Share this video and tell people about it Because you know you have friends and relatives They want to lose 20 kg or more. And whenever you are overweight More prone to a heart attack or stroke, Or mental illness or cancer. If you are 20 kg or more above your normal weight, If you are twice or three times more likely to develop cancer In any part of your body. This is for sure, without discussion. Nobody can argue with that. The risk of developing stage 2 diabetes is higher if you are obese. So, please help your family members, And help your friends to get rid of 20 kg or more That they need to lose by sharing this video. I am Dr. Perry, see you later.