Insulin Resistance Diet — What To Eat u0026 Why

whoopee great to be with you sir I'm so happy you're here you have the master of diabetes why do people who yeah well Cyrus and I have started a coaching practice called mastering diabetes and we teach people how exactly to do that it's very easy and it's very fun how do people do that it's very simple it's with a low-fat plant-based whole food diet that reverses the cause of type 2 diabetes and prediabetes just insulin resistance and it makes type 1 and type 1.5 diabetes very easy to manage you might be who might agree with you when it comes to type-2 diabetes but the fact that you just said type 1 and type 1 point by it might be nice to them your thoughts absolutely so people don't talk enough about insulin resistance and how the facts people living with type 1 diabetes so Cyrus and I are great examples of showing people what happens when you reverse insulin resistance in a person living with type 1 number one you have incredible insulin sensitivity and you get to control your blood glucose with precision and you reverse other diseases such as heart disease you reduce your chances of things like cancer Alzheimer's disease erectile dysfunction and a long list of other conditions which are precursors to insulin resistance and what they say to the the keto you proponents the lake are people that maybe actually think the opposite so the ketogenic world number one I have a lot of respect for them they are all trying hard to eat well and that's great I respect that the thing is what we're teaching we just want every understand is the ketogenic diet makes insulin resistance worse yes you can get great short-term results but you're actually worsening the disease process for those living with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes why don't more people know about that this then that's the obvious question isn't it you know I think it's just people like to hear good news about their bad habits this dr. John McDougall likes to say if somebody can tell them hey you get to eat all the meat you want go ahead and have more fish have more nuts and seeds people like to hear that when you say like that hopefully plant-based what do you mean what do people worship people you eat sandwich they boys let's break that down low-fat means a maximum of 15 percent of calories coming from fat or a maximum of 30 grams of total fat per day okay plant-based means nothing but plants whole food means not refined so we teach people to eat whole fruit we teach people to eat intact whole grains you teach people to eat potatoes that are not processed and had it oils added to them it sees people how to eat beans that are not laden with oil those are whole foods it's not hard to do and what if some of the typical foods that for example you eat it's super easy to do because these foods are amazing these are comfort foods these are the foods that we crave people want carbohydrates they seem to learn that it's okay to eat them and how to eat them healthfully so I tons of fruit whole fruit is great for people who want to reverse insulin resistance and can people eat say like rice and beans and that kind of thing absolutely they can actually eat those foods in unlimited quantities when they're eaten in their whole form Wow say they have to go to bed hungry because a lot of people talk about the fact you can reverse diabetes especially type 2 diabetes like fasting right that's right you're saying you can eat is much carbohydrates as you want that's exactly right and that's a big difference between or we're teaching in the ketogenic approach there's always about limitation there's a certain amount of limiting you have to do of foods you like so when they have vegetables even bell peppers they have to limit the amount of bell peppers they have to not exceed their 30 grams of carbohydrate per day and we're teaching people know you could eat as much as you want because the calorie density of these foods is in a healthy range but will be I'm slightly confused because surely if you eat laser carbohydrates that's gonna be bad for insulin it's gonna it's gonna make it skyrocket right so luckily we have years and years of peer-reviewed scientific research showing that that is not the case when you eat carbohydrates in a low fat environment that is where you actually see your insulin levels optimized so there's study after study showing that when you eat low fat plant-based Whole Foods you actually reduce the total insulin secreted for those living with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes it comes down to a normal range and then that insulin works perfectly when you say they're a study off the study like what are you talking about here some of the doctors that promote this so this goes back to the early 1900s we have Percival hemsworth this is before insulin was even discovered talking about this then we have Walter Kempner we have w Anderson it goes on and on and on there's a lot of research you can read it on our website and how did he get into this is three adversity right yeah so I've had type 1 diabetes right so I've been living with type 1 diabetes for 18 years I've been following a low-fat plant-based whole food diet for over 11 years and in that timeframe living with type 1 my a one sees range from five point six to six point six which is sensational I eat over 700 grams of carbohydrate per day and take a healthy amount of insulin that my pancreas would have normally secreted if I wasn't living with diabetes do you get over people that say wow that just can't be true what are you talking about we'll be yeah people do say that and I say go check out my what I ate videos let me show you look at our testimonials person after person showing you this is the truth I mean coach you know people so you mentioned their studies but actually you've got a lot of sort of anecdotal pursuit of transformations of your clients right we have a very inexpensive coaching program that thousands of people are joining and so we get tests we get testimonials on a daily basis this absolutely works people come to our retreats and it works in four days we see them improving their insulin sensitivity let's talk about some of the the kind of compelling striking examples in transformation as you've seen so we are lucky to see like I said so many testimonials on a regular basis but people that come to mind on our YouTube channel we have Tammy Tammy completely reversed her type 2 diabetes Bob Blackburn completely reversed his type 2 diabetes lost a ton of weight he looks amazing okay we see the same thing with people living with type 1 we see them dramatically decreasing their insulin usage their total insulin usage goes down well the carbohydrate intake goes up you see this over and over and over again it's very fun to see it's interesting that you talk about this in the context of like insulin which is related to both type 1 and type 2 diabetes right but all sort of medical experts say they're completely different diseases and yet each sort of like pair them together in a way that probably triggers some people and maybe makes people think actually you don't really know waitomo because they're completely different diseases yeah I do get that a lot and when a type one gets triggered that we are talking about reversing diabetes I hope that they can recognize that we want the larger unity to know about this we want people to know that type-2 diabetes can be reversed it's okay so type one we want to just optimize what we're doing we want to make sure we're living the best life ever nothing stops us that we have the best health and we avoid the complications associated with type 1 diabetes the number one killer of all people living with diabetes is heart disease and there's one diet that's been proven to prevent and reverse heart disease I like that whole food plant-based exactly right so you're saying like one of the benefits of promoting this is the fact that helps other diseases yes and the local community don't really have that to show you they can say yeah we can reverse type 2 diabetes they can't bless the other diseases right they can show short term results that are positive but they do not have any long term societies showing that they lived on that type of diet or any long term peer-reviewed research studies showing that people have followed that diet and succeeded in the long term whereas the plant-based community has an overwhelming amount of long-term research and the long stuff societies on the planet it ka the Blue Zones followed a plant-based diet mmm-hmm so I'm just thinking for the people at home that might be a little bit confused about the fact that you say ve a diet replete of carbohydrates in the form of say whole foods like rice beans legumes and fruit they're gonna think oh that's just gonna trigger that incident it's good it's going to spike right but what your message is this is all about keeping fat loads so we have to establish what is insulin resistance and what causes it so insulin resistance is where there is fat stored in tissues that are not designed to store fat so that is liver and muscle cells when those tissues have excess fat that leads to insulin resistance insulins job is to take glucose out of the bloodstream into the cells when there is too much fat inside the cell that process is inhibited and insulin can not do its job so then when you eat a high carbohydrate meal while your insulin resistant the glucose gets stuck in the bloodstream as you get rid of the fat you start eating a low fat plant-based whole food diet that excess fat starts to leave those cells where it doesn't belong your tissues now become insulin sensitive and you can eat those foods with no problems why don't more people know this this seems pretty straightforward to me right and you're saying there's been data showing this decades I wish I had an easy answer for why people don't know about this I think that's a lot to do with marketing and I theory industries are doing a very good job of confusing people I think there's a lot of intentional confusion going on out there have you got any other anything else that the audience might want to know does anybody still maybe confused about diabetes what would he say to them I would say try it if you are living with diabetes and you're looking for a solution give the low-fat plant-based whole food diet a shot there's nothing to lose I guess compliance is an issue right so I've come across that myself where people say are the low-fat thing didn't work but actually the problem is they just haven't been doing 100% you have to do it yes 100% right that's the biggest thing is to objectively know that you did it so somebody's saying I did it it's not the same as actually showing us that they did it or showing themselves and the best way to do that is to use nutrition software and to the food you eat into nutrition software and see if you actually did follow a low-fat diet did you truly not exceed 30 grams or 15% of calories from fat look yourself in the mirror and see if you really did that absolutely and how can people find out more about this you mentioned the the summit yes what's that all about it's for free yes we have a free summit with the world's leading experts in this summit we teach people what are the best foods to eat to optimize your health living with diabetes what's the truth behind the ketogenic diet what is actually the cause of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes how can you reverse that we cover this stuff in this free summit with again the world's leading experts talking the best of the best dean ornish joel Fuhrman David Katz John McDougall Matthew Leatherman Michael Greger the best of the best in the plant-based world being diagnosed with diabetes can be extremely difficult regardless of the type of diabetes you're living with you may experience low energy weight gain nerve pain digestive problems confusing medications hospitalizations and depression or anxiety you may have been told to avoid carbohydrates to control your blood glucose and eat more meat more dairy nor fish more eggs groundbreaking new research now shows that low carbohydrate diets increase your risk for early death and that low-fat plant-based whole food nutrition can transform your diabetes health from the inside out and minimize your risk for all chronic disease come learn from more than 30 physicians evidence-based researchers and New York Times bestselling authors about how you can gain full control of your blood glucose to lose weight and reverse insulin resistance using a low-fat plant-based whole food diet join more than 25,000 other people in the free 2018 mastering diabetes online summit hosted by Cyrus come on a PhD and Robbie Barbara whether you're living with type 1 diabetes type 1 point 5 diabetes pre-diabetes type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes learn the truth about reversing insulin resistance using more than 85 years of evidence-based research and sit in the driver's seat of your diabetes health for the rest of your life [Music]