Insulin Resistance – How To REVERSE With Diet

let's talk about leptin leptin is mainly
known as an appetite hormone so the more you have the less hungry you are
but leptin also has a huge immune function that I want to talk about and
as a side note the Greek word for the word leptin means thin because of the
suppression of the appetite when you increase leptin the hunger goes away
because there's a signal from the fat cell to your brain specifically the
hypothalamus telling the brain we have enough nutrition or food but when leptin
is low you are hungry leptin is made by your fat cells and the intestinal cells
but here's a problem chronically high levels of leptin start causing what's
called leptin resistance now this is very similar to insulin resistance where
you have this high level of insulin produced by consuming a lot of
carbohydrates and what happens over time is your receptors start to downgrade and
now you can't absorb that hormone anymore
same exact thing happens with leptin high levels of leptin over a long period
of time kind of desensitize the receptor and now you don't get a lot of
absorption of that hormone here's the problem the feedback loops that are
supposed to go back to the fat cells really don't because of the blockage of
the receptor so the fat cell keeps making more and more and more but you
have the situation where you have all this leptin but it's not working so we
have symptoms of a leptin deficiency starving and in excess as well and
another purpose of leptin is to suppress both parts of the immune system to calm
inflammation down so people that don't have enough leptin have higher risks of
getting an autoimmune problem because they have way too much inflammation and
when you have a lot of inflammation in your body your immune system is actually
weaker so the reason why I wanted to talk about leptin is to mention that the
way to fix this is the exact same procedure as you would to fix insulin
resistance and that is doing keto and intermittent
fasting these together over a period of time will solve insulin resistance and
leptin resistance which will also help your immune system greatly so when
people ask you what some of the benefits of keto and intermittent fasting are you can tell
them it has a huge benefit on helping suppress inflammatory conditions as well
as supporting a healthy immune system thanks for watching