Is there a medication for leptin resistance

Is there a medication for leptin resistance

Hormones often affect the overall health of patients who are struggling with obesity and weight control. Is there a medication for leptin resistance?Excess body fat causes problems with weight and hormonal issues. One of the hormones directly connected to obesity and body fat is leptin.

The hormone is released from fat cells located in adipose tissues and sends signals to the brain to regulate and alter energy expenditure and food intake. The primary purpose of leptin is to help the body maintain weight. Since leptin comes from fat cells, its amount is directly connected to the amount of body fat in an individual. Leptin levels increase with increase in body fat. Similarly, if the body fat percentages decrease, the leptin will also decrease.

Is there a medication for leptin resistance?
Is there a medication for leptin resistance?

What does leptin do?

Leptin is also known as the satiety hormone and helps regulate energy balance and eliminate hunger. So, the body does not trigger any hunger responses when the body does not need any energy. However, as a result of losing weight, the levels of this hormone drop triggering a huge increase in food cravings and appetite. This can make the process of weight loss even more difficult.

Leptin resistance

Leptin resistance is a major cause of weight loss resistance and weight gain. People who are obese have more body fat in their fat cells. In addition to this, since the production of leptin in fat cells is directly proportional to their size, obese people also have high levels of leptin.

Given how leptin is supposed to work, obese people’s brains show know that they have plenty of energy stores and they should naturally limit their food intake. However, despite the large amounts of leptin in the body, the leptin signaling may not work.

This is known as leptin resistance and is believed to be one of the main contributors of obesity. When the brain doesn’t receive leptin signals, it thinks that your body is starving even though it has enough stored energy. This causes your brain to think that you must eat more and energy expenditure is reduced in an effort conserve energy; the brain decreases the energy levels and makes you burn fewer calories.

Is there a medication for leptin resistance

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