Weight Loss Tips u0026 Myths | The Science of Weight Loss

Hey, hey, hey, everybody. My name is Shaun Hadsall. And if you're scrolling
through your feed and you see this, stop by and say hi. Drop a comment below. Let us know what
part of the world you are from, because we are
going live here on Facebook. And I want to share six tips
to help you optimize hormones, in order to quickly
lose more belly fat. And it all started with a
reader question that I have. A girl that I used to coach
at my personal training studio in Ann Arbor years ago
reached out to me on Facebook. And her name is Monica. And I had it right here. She said Shaun, I
recently started doing CrossFit three
to four times per week and started doing a
low carb paleo diet. But I feel like crap. I can't recover. I can't lose belly fat. And everybody else
around me doing this is getting great results. But they're also a
lot younger than me. So what I'm gonna
do today is I'm gonna talk about how hormones
change as you get older. So if you're over 3r-years-old,
in your 40s, 50s, or 60s, pay close attention to
this, because a study done in a journal
of obesity shows that those who focus
solely on hormones, instead of counting
calories, lose up to 65% more weight than
those counting calories. So I'll go ahead
and put a reference to this study up above
or to the side of this, in the description of this
video, depending on the device that you're watching this. So although calorie
deficits can be beneficial for losing weight. And I recommend you're in
a calorie deficit at least a few days of the week,
focusing on hormones is much more powerful. And I learned this a long
time ago when I met my wife. Over 11 years ago,
she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. It forced her into early
menopause, which obviously it almost destroyed her
metabolism and her hormones. And she tried everything
to lose belly fat. She was a lot like Monica. She was doing as much exercise
as possible, long duration cardio, and she was eating
a low carb, clean diet. So what I did is I went
on a rampage of research. After 20 years of being in this
industry, I was dumbfounded. I couldn't get my wife to
lose her menopause belly. So I did a ton of research
and I developed a system that you'll find at the
link around this video. And it's called the
Over 40 Ab Solution. So before I talk
about these six tips that you can use to
optimize hormones, I just want to quickly let you
know the backbone of my Over 40 Ab Solution system. It's specifically designed
for the hormonal condition of people over 35 years old. And it uses a 12-minute
daily metabolic protocol, that's been shown
scientifically, and the studies will be at
the bottom of our website, to increase growth hormone
up to 400% to 700%. And it also has been shown,
in scientific research, to elevate the metabolic rate
after the 12-minute session for 38 to 48 hours. So at the link
around this video, you can go over to
our website and you can learn all about that. You'll also see my
progress pictures about how I used the
six tips I'm about ready to share with you
to maintain six pack abs for over 10 years straight. And you'll see my progress
pictures over at our website. So let's talk about the
hormonal condition of people over 35 years old. And let's talk about
six natural tips that you can use to
optimize hormones in order to quickly lose belly fat. The first one is to experiment
with intermittent fasting. So simply by
abstaining from eating for a set period of
your day and not eating and just having
water, it's been shown that it can increase growth
hormone levels dramatically. And again, the research will be
at the bottom of our website. Any claims that I
make in this video will be, either posted above– the studies will be posted above
in the description or the side here or at the bottom of
our website at the link that you see here. So intermittent fasting. If you're a man, I recommend 16
hours a day five to seven days of the week. So if you have your
last meal at 8:00 PM, you wouldn't eat again
till noon the next day. And most people think the
metabolic rate slows down, because you got to be eating
every two or three hours. But this is a myth. Small frequent meals do not
increase the metabolism. And small frequent meals do
not increase weight loss. And the research
actually shows this now. The published studies
actually show this. So when you're in this fasting
state, what ends up happening is insulin is
really, really low. This allows the body to
access fat as a fuel source. And because you're
fasting, the body's sympathetic nervous
system kicks up. It's your fight or
flight response. And this forces the body to
release more growth hormone. If you're a female, I recommend
you use 14 hours a day, five to seven days of the weeks. So if you have your last meal
at 8:00 PM, the next day, you break your fast at 10 AM. Just make sure you
drink adequate water. And if you get hunger
pangs, just push through it. Because after a week
or so of doing this, you're not gonna
get hungry at all, because it regulates the
body's hormone called ghrelin. And ghrelin is
responsible for hunger. And ghrelin being released
while you fast is also actually linked to
more adequate growth hormone production as well. The second tip is to not
eat two hours before bed. And I talk about this
frequently with our online Get Lean in 12 community
with over 100,000 people that we've helped. And when you eat before
bed, if it's healthy food, it's not necessarily gonna
make you gain belly fat. But keep in mind, it
will raise insulin. So the solution to this is
not the two hours before bed, because after that last meal,
it allows insulin to stabilize. And insulin is considered the
antagonist to growth hormone. And growth hormone pulses
and releases while you sleep. So by not eating two
hours before bed, you allow insulin to stabilize
and you can maximize the growth hormone production that your
body releases during the night. The next thing is
to balance meals. This is about the
hormone insulin. Remember, whenever you
eat a starchy carbohydrate or an overly ripe fruit
or any type of sugar all by itself, that's
what spikes insulin levels and can take the body out of
a fat burning environment. So the solution to
this is, number one, avoid sugar, at least
five or six days a week. Maybe give yourself
a reward once a week. And I'll talk about
that in just a second. The other solution is to
make sure you balance out when you eat fruits or ripe
fruits or you eat starches. Combine them with a
protein source, just a lean quality protein source. And of course, you can
throw veggies in there any time that you want. By doing this, now,
it stabilizes insulin. It makes it easier for the body
to access fat as a fuel source. The next one is adequate sleep. And I know this is obvious
for a lot of people. But my wife and insomnia. It made it harder and harder
for her to lose belly fat. When we got her sleep
cycle regulated, we knew that it was
optimizing her cortisol cycle. And it was optimizing
her melatonin levels. So make sure you're
getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep at
least five days of the week, if possible. The next tip to
optimize hormones to quickly lose belly
fat is strategic refeeds, or cheat meals. Now, keep in mind, cheat
meal or a cheat day should be serving
a greater need. In other words, it should
be a psychological reward. And it can help you
optimize hormone levels. So if you go on a low carb
diet for six to seven days straight, what ends up
happening is the same thing that happened in a
"Biggest Loser" study. You can get something
called metabolic slowdown. Where you'll burn less
calories on a daily basis. Just your resting metabolic rate
will slow down dramatically. The contestants from the season
eight "Biggest Loser" contest were shown to be burning 400
to 800 calories less per day after the contest, which is why
most of them gained all or more of their weight back. So if you're going
on a low carb diet, make sure that you
use strategic refeeds or you consume carbs in
the post-workout window. This will prevent them from
spilling over and being stored as fat. And it will also
help reset the leptin levels that are responsible for
regulating the body's weight. Leptin communicates to
the brain and to the body whether or not it should burn
fat or it should store fat. So by consuming your
high carb meals, after our 12-minute
metabolic protocols and by following the
nutrition tips and the diet that we give you inside
our Over 40 Ab Solution system at the link
around this video, you'll be able to optimize
hormones and help you quickly lose more belly fat. The next tip–
well, first of all, before I talk about
the final tip, I want to make sure I
still got your attention. We're live here on Facebook. If you have a question,
drop a comment below. If you weren't listening at
the beginning of this video, this is six tips to
optimize hormones in order to quickly
lose belly fat. Stop by. Drop a comment below. Let us know what part of
the world you're from. And if you learned something
so far in this video, can do me a favor and
put yes in the comments. Because I have one last tip
for you that I want to share. And this is the
most important one. And that is strategic, high
intensity, metabolic exercise burst, something that I've
coined metabolic zone training. And this is something that I
discovered in an online forum from a scientist years ago. And it's the same 12-minute
metabolic protocols found in our Over 40 Ab Solution
system, the same protocols I've used to maintain six pack abs
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protocols my wife has used to flatten and get
rid of her menopause belly after her journey
through cancer and menopause. So by doing strategic high
intensity exercise bursts, using the right
movement patterns, using the right
intensity levels, and using the right rest periods
for only 12-minutes a day, you can quickly
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before I sign off. I appreciate you taking
time out of your busy day to check this out. 12 minutes is a
long time to keep somebody's attention on
Facebook, or any social media channel. 60 seconds is hard. So if you're still
listening, thank you. I'm very grateful
and appreciative. And I want to make one more
personal promise to you and that is this. If you apply the methods
inside our system at the link around this video,
not only do I personally guarantee results or I'll
give you your money back, I promise you this,
that if you apply it, it'll leak over into
every other area of your life in a positive way. My wife Karen and I
both know that when we use our 12-minute
metabolic protocols and we follow the nutrition
plan that we provide, it's very keto friendly
and paleo friendly. And it also allows you
to eat lots of carbs in the post-workout window. So you get the best of both
worlds to optimize hormones and to quickly lose belly fat. And we know that when we
do this, it leaks over. We're better spouses
to each other. We're better parents
to our four kids. We're better grandparents
to our four grandchildren. We're better fitness
professionals. And it just improves our
overall quality of life. And that's the promise
I want to make to you. So thanks again for watching
this and keep going strong.