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is diabetes an incurable disease type 2 diabetes should it get worse all the time as it usually does or is that a simply that is that the course were treating it totally wrong or not even treating it at all that's what I'm going to talk about with my guests today I'm not dressing fit from diet doctor for Carmen I'm here with dr. Jason Tania neurologist from Canada welcome thanks very much so I just watched a presentation by you I thought was really fantastic um it was about how we treat diabetics today in a medical system and your nephrologist you meet you meet diabetics when they're when they've had issues for a long time and they're really sick right yeah so I treat people on dialysis that's a lot of what I do and it's very disheartening too because what happens is that when they develop their disease are so sick but the diabetes itself is actually quite reversible and that's one of the things that I realized a short while ago and that's what needs to be understood is that this is not a disease that needs to progress but we often tell people so that it's a chronic progressive disease and that's not simply me talking but if you go to the Diabetes Association's whether it's the American Diabetes Association or the diabetes Australia they all put out there that this is a chronic disease and they tell people essentially that you have diabetes you'll have it for the rest of your life you might as well get used to it but the problem is that that's simply not true and it's actually pretty easy to to prove it because if somebody came up to me and said I've had diabetes told I had diabetes I watched my diet I lost 50 pounds I cut my carbs I cut my sugar and now they took me off of my medication I'm fine now that's obviously true nobody would say oh you're lying right so that patient who has lost the weight who has changed their diet has increased their exercise for instance their diabetes actually got better and the thing is that if that patient got better what happens to this idea that this is a chronic progressive disease well obviously it's not true because anytime that happens every time it happened it means that the disease is actually reversible but you have to know how to reverse it if you don't know how to reverse it then you're just going to get worse and the thing is that the drugs don't actually do anything for the disease and this is also not controversial because the thing is that type 2 diabetes is a disease of too much insulin resistance and that's not controversy so everybody acknowledges that right so if you have very high insulin resistance it's going to cause high blood sugar right but that's the symptom of the disease the disease is actually too much insulin resistance so the treatments that we give are are all targeted at blood sugar right that doesn't make any sense because it's almost like to give an analogy if you have an infection if you have a leg infection well you need to treat that infection so what was causing it was bacteria you give antibiotics but that infection can give you a fever but that fever is not the disease if you start treating that fever as if it is the disease then that leg wound is going to Fester because you're treating the symptoms of the disease and ignoring the disease but that's what we've done with type 2 diabetes we're treating the blood sugar but it's not it it's not a disease of the blood sugar it's a disease of too much insulin resistance so what happens is that because we're not treating the disease the disease tends to progress so if you look at what happens over a period of 10 years 15 years what happens is that you start off with one medication then you take two medications and three then you take insulin and more incident more insulin and after ten years you started with one medication now you're on 100 units of insulin a day well you're taking more medication to do the same job to keep that blood sugar the same that means your diabetes is worse even if your blood sugar is better your diabetes is worse than it's ever been because you've never actually done anything about treating the insulin resistance so that patient who went and lost weight and exercise and cut out the carbs and cut out the sugars they actually reverse their insulin resistance and therefore their sugars came down which is far different than making your blood Sugar's got to go down by force by medication and ignoring the actual disease so that's the fundamental mistake that we've made over this last 20 30 40 years right we've treated the disease of type 2 diabetes which is too much insulin as if it was type 1 diabetes which is too little insulin so you got to understand that type 1 diabetes has too little insulin so that makes sense you should give them insulin type 2 diabetes is too much insulin you need to reduce their insulin but instead we're giving more insulin to a disease state that has too much insulin well of course it's crazy that's crazy you had an analogy there as well that in your talk you're saying it's like it would be like treating an alcoholic whether exactly so if you have a disease such as alcoholism where is characterized by too much alcohol the very last thing you want to do is give more alcohol and that seems very obvious right but if you look in the short-term as you take away the alcohol they might get the shakes they might get delirium tremens if you give them alcohol they will feel better in the short term right but that doesn't mean you're going to make the alcoholism better right that's the real problem it's the alcoholism you can't treat the short term thing at the expense of the long term what we've done is treat the short term we say wow your blood sugar is high let me get it down right but it's like well what's happening to the disease who cares what's happening to the blood sugar what's happening to the disease it continues to get worse so it's just like that alcohol too much alcohol the disease is too much alcohol The Cure cannot be to give more alcohol right so to declare giving insulin to write comments touch two diabetics one it's like giving out called alcohol exactly exactly so there's too much it's insane in fact it's not simply that it's not treating it it's going to actually make it worse just like giving that alcohol you have a disease which is characterized by too much insulin you're giving more insulin you're not making it better you're actually making it worse so the session gained weight and they will their insulin resistance will you just work exactly yeah and the funny part is that the patient's all know this cuz this is what happens and I talk to a lot of patients and they say they go to their doctor they start insulin then they gain 15 pounds 20 pounds right which is we all know that happen that's not a secret because insulin is what really drives weight gain so what happens is that they take the insulin they gain weight and they go back to the doctor and say doc what's this you tell me I need to lose weight to get better then you go and give me a medication that makes me gain 20 pounds this is not good and the doctor always says something like well what are you going to do you need to take the insulin and go exercise right but the problem is that it was not the lack of exercise that made them gain weight it was the insulin that made them gain weight so you need to treat that you need to reduce it so what do you do what do you do if you're a type 2 diabetic well the thing is that it's a dietary disease right and if you're a type 2 diabetic it's a dietary disease it's a disease of essentially too much sugar so if you understand that like that then the answer is to get that sugar out get it down so the first thing you need to do is cut out all the sugar cut out a lot of these refined carbohydrates which are just sugar so the brad's in the past does right so they're all chains of sugar that's all carbohydrates are chains of sugar as you eat them they get broken down into sugar so if you have too much sugar if diabetes is essentially too much sugar you got to stop taking sugar otherwise you're going to make it worse so that's probably the first thing you can do more exercise try and burn it off and the other thing that you can do is try to do something more extreme such as fasting for instance you can a more extreme than a strict low-carb diet okay fasting tell me more about it so fasting is actually the most efficient and the most effective weight lower insulin there's really no drug that does that there are actually two but they're not very effective to lower insulin but if you understand that the disease is too much sugar too much insulin then you go to say well if it's too much sugar too much is so let's get rid of the sugar let's get the insulin down how am I going to do that right so the thing about the sugar you can go on a very low carb diet a ketogenic diet and that will get your Sugar's down but it doesn't necessarily get your insulin down because the proteins and the fats still raisins then not to the same degree that carbohydrates do but they still raise insulin so you can get that sugar down but you won't get that insulin down so you can actually put people on various periods of fasting because you're not taking anything it's it's not simply low-carb it's low protein and low fat right it's nothing nothing at all so think about what's going to happen here the body is not going to have anything coming in so what it's going to happen is it's going to start burning that sugar and that's perfect that's exactly what we want it to do it starts burning sugar burning sugar after burns the sugars and sugars come down you don't have to take medications you don't have to take insulin after that it starts burning fat that's perfect that's exactly what we want to do and there's always two questions that come up when you talk about fasting one can I do it and the thing is have to understand is that literally billions of people around the world fast on a regular basis through their entire lives right so the Muslims the Hindus the Buddhists the Catholics almost every major religion in the world prescribes fasting not because it's super harmful because it's very beneficial and what they what happens during the fast is that your insulin levels go down perfect that's exactly what we want but so what we're doing is we're burning off all that sugar and getting it out of the system right as opposed to just getting it out of the blood we're actually get out of the entire body so the fasting does both things it lowers the insulin and it lowers the sugars the other thing that always comes up with fasting is is it harmful and this is what always comes up am I going to go into starvation mode and what's interesting when you look at fasting is that studies of fasting show the exact opposite you don't have less energy you have more energy so there are certain things that you activated when you're fasting so growth hormone goes up for instance to preserve lean muscle then you'd start burning just fat adrenaline goes up to give you more energy and you're fueling all that energy with fat because you can measure free fatty acids in the blood and they go up so what's happening is that you're burning fat you're preserving your muscle and you've got plenty of energy perfect that is like the perfect treatment you

What You MUST Know About Leptin, Leptin Resistance and Leptitox – Leptitox Honest Review 2020

[Music] What is leptin hormone? 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A lifelong hack will work for you weight The US loss industry is worth more than 40 billion dollars and that's huge The amount of money spent on different Gym and gym products Anything related to weight loss how Would you lose weight if you were Not targeting what actually causes You have to keep weight gain hormone Leptin is called the key to losing weight To find out what causes weight Primarily gain when fat The cells begin to grow will release A hormone called leptin that's what Control how hungry you are when you are They have low levels of leptin you feel Hungry when you have high levels of this The hormone you feel is full you can easily Fall into the so-called leptin A resistance where you can never get To this point where you feel full until you Keep eating no one really sure where Leptin resistance comes from but contains Significant increase in the past few Decades if trends continue on the way They are three quarters of Americans It will be resistant to leptin by 2020 that is Statistical leptin statistic is alarming as The answer to the key resistance of leptin To lose weight to see a method Convert the resistance of leptin to a method Is this taking a supplement called Ox leptin this little supplement is Jam stuffed with plant extracts That helps remove toxins from Plastics that cause resistance to leptin By removing them your body can Connect with your mind to stop eating Once you are objectively full what is in leppe to tox There are several craving crushers in Lept attacks that make it like An effective weight loss supplement is here What will help you get rid of these Fun pounds and thorns detoxify you The body of an endocrine disorder called BPA apium graveolens seat detoxifies Your body is from endocrine disorder Deh p juju called detoxification from the body From endocrine rupture is called C Grape seed cleans your body from Endocrine disorders are called cadmium Alfalfa helps remove toxins from the body Nourishes vitamins and heals you Chunka Liver Piedra removes toxins from your body Endocrine disorders and promotes Tracacom digestive system leaves rich health In vitamin K it cleans the liver Copper contains cysteine ​​which helps Your body makes strong antioxidants Barbary glutathione is called contains Berberine which prevents the storage of fats Helps support healthy cholesterol levels These components were clinically proven It has been shown to detoxify the bad human body Endocrine disorders that appear Everywhere on the planet today is because Plastic together these components Leptin resistance will be treated and stopped Food cravings that make it It is impossible for you to lose weight Benefits of leptin attacks with leptin Drapes help you regain your control On your hunger is likely Try the following results Increase in your energy levels Visceral fat around your organs Reducing the elimination of brain haze disappear Aches and pains dissolve the increased stress Your libido has a great material personality Totally there are 22 nutrients and Botanical extracts packed in capsule Leptin is the ox of the company that makes leptin Tok checks only the purest source The components are so high quality Detoxification of the endocrine glands Inhibitors as much as possible This supplement is also approved by the FDA Manufactured in the United States of America given it Processed at the approved factory In GMP good manufacturing practices for you You can be sure that there will be no cheater In it leptin toxin as everything is normal Proprietary blend of things that you will Act quickly and help you get rid of Resist the leptin that causes you For an unhealthy and unhealthy abdomen You can still eat whatever you like best Foods but don't feel guilty about it By taking blood poisoning you will also be Help your heart's brain joints Public Health Conclusion of the main cause of weight Gain persistent abdominal fat especially Foreign poison contamination Present in plastic This poison works as in Endocrine disorder and causes the hormone leptin Resistance as a result of that your body Unable to tell your mind to stop eating So you can continue to eat after you are Objectively filled with left-taking – it's an ox You are able to get rid of the toxic substance Endocrine disorders and disposal This resistance to leptin will allow you Lose a lot of weight very quickly if Nothing has worked for you in the past This may be due to the presence of leptin Resistance get a bottle of leptin ox Risk free and see results Yourself click the first link on Description below to learn more about Your talks You are

Extreme Hunger in Eating Disorder Recovery | LEPTIN RESISTANCE

hey guys I hope you're all doing well in
this video I'm talking about leptin resistance and dieting are you suffering
from uncontrollable hunger and appetite as if you could eat massive amounts of
food and never feel satisfied this is exactly what happens after a period of
dieting a history of an eating disorder or even after a long period of over
exercising and the reason for it is because of two significant hormones the
hormone leptin and the hormone cortisol now let's begin with a hormone leptin
leptin is a hormone produced in the fat stores of our body it's job is to signal
our brain when we are Fault triggering us to stop eating
leptin also supports our metabolism is working efficiently and leptin travels
through our blood via our circularity system to the appetite center of our
brain and there it beans to receptors that are responsible for making us feel
hungry and this helps tamp down our appetite curving our desire to eat
leptin also travels through our nervous system stimulating fatty tissue to burn
off fat and calories and if too much left hand builds up in our body we may
develop leptin resistance and when this occurs the leptin in our body may not do
its job effectively resulting in weight gain and uncontrollable hunger so now
the problem with dieting is once we start restricting our calories or cut
out specific food groups especially as it is a compulsory factor in low carb
diets to minimize our carbohydrates our leptin level drops and the longer we
stay on the diet the more probably we develop leptin resistance the thing
with leptin resistance is that it is very hard to reverse it and it usually
takes quite a long time to repair our hormones again and so when we stop
dieting and start eating more calories our hunger signals are completely out of
whack since our leptin is not able to work properly which leads us to
uncontrollable binges and weight gain after dieting so this was the video for
today about one of the most important hormones that influences our hunger and
weight I am also planning to do a video about
how to reverse leptin resistance and how you can boost rebuilding your leptin
hormones and in my next videos I am also going to talk about the second important
hormone cortisol that is influencing our weight and hunger tremendously so if
you're interested don't forget to subscribe to my channel for making sure
you don't miss any of my videos and share this video with everyone you think
is facing exactly these issues at the moment I hope this video was helpful for
you if you have any questions please write them down in the comment section
below and I'll be very happy to answer them until next time all the best to you
and take care